Falcon Waterfree Technologies Acquires the Former Urinal Assets of LiquidBreaker




Unbelievable Odor Removal!

Unbelievable-Odor-RemovalOur new, innovative and one of a kind Green technologyis guaranteed to assist with eliminating urine odor in the bathroom, Simplify maintenance procedures, Reduce uric acid, urine struvite and sludge build up in the plumbing, Cut costs and conserve water. Our products are also the solution to drain flies entering the facility and much more!


Modern Water Conservation!

Effective-Water-ConservationWe are without doubt the leader when it comes to Water Conservation for your business. Our technology will completely fix sewer odors coming up from dried traps, floor drain creating odor issues, Drain fly breeding issues in floor drains and so much more!


Extremely Cost Efficient!

Extremely-Cost-EfficientOur green technology was designed specifically to cut costs and conserve water, Protect against pipe blockage and plumbing backflow and last up to 5x longer than traditional chemical based cartridges (ask us to prove it).