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  • Introducing The Green Cartridge

    The Green Cartridge is an eco-friendly, low cost solution for waterless urinals.

    Unlike most waterless urinal cartridges, the Green Cartridge is eco-friendly and extremely cost effective. 

    The Green Cartridge is designed specifically to:

    • Eliminate urine odor in the bathroom 
    • Simplify maintenance procedures
    • Reduce uric acid, urine struvite and sludge build up in the plumbing
    • Cut costs and conserve water
    • Protect against pipe blockage and plumbing backflow
    • Last up to 5x longer than traditional chemical based cartridges (ask us to prove it)

    The Green Cartridge is a Replacement Cartridge for the following Waterless Urinal Brands:

    • Falcon Waterfree ® (not available in North America)
    • Sloan ® (not available in North America)
    • Rubbermaid ® (not available in North America)
    • American Standard ® (not available in North America)
    • Waterless Company ® (not available in North America)
    • ZeroFlush ® (not available in North America)


    Organizations across the World have switched to The Green Cartridge and are raving about our low maintenance, long lasting solution.  If you are not located in North America and would like to sample the Green Cartridge please contact us for a sample unit. 

    Try the Green Cartridge today!